Rare grooves, high vibes
[ Music for feeling good }
Brimming with positive energy that is relaxed yet uplifting, Hot Honey’s sound is characterized by groovy bass lines, raw, swinging drums, and jazzy, disco samples. Spontaneous, smooth, and never jarring, their sets move seamlessly from disco beats to jazzy, hip hop grooves; from spacious, deep house to soaring synths and dark, driving techno.

Through eclectic, thoughtful selections mixed solely from vinyl, these "purveyors of high vibe" are recognized for their ability to feel the room and create an environment in which people connect to one another as much as they do the music. Hot Honey digs through their records to create natural, positive vibes that are mindfully tailored for each unique occasion – from large, sunny daytime outings to small, dark basement dance parties.

Largely avoiding the hype culture surrounding deejaying today, the Pittsburgh-based duo has operated relatively under the radar since 2013. In addition to regular appearances at open air parties, events, and clubs from Pittsburgh through Detroit, Hot Honey has hosted over a hundred weekly events at The Summit. The weekly vinyl showcase, Dig Now Sounds (held every Tuesday at 200 Shiloh St. from 9pm-2am), provides an intimate, positive environment for good people and great music to come together on a regular basis without the forced expectation to dance.

Their ethos has always been not to tether themselves to any one sound and to make no assumptions over what people “want” or “expect” to hear. Instead, Jeff Miskis & Brad LeBear seek out rare grooves from a wide variety of international artists and producers across many genres, spending their time digging through crates rather than scanning “best of” lists or downloading mp3s.

Their diverse influences and love for many styles across many eras of music is reflected in their performances. Rooted in a deep passion for music, their sets highlight the best in new music while paying respect to the old grooves that influence it all – spinning classic funk, soul, and disco alongside modern, envelope-pushing house and techno sounds. The result is a bouncy, chill, provocative environment wherever they spin.
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